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Below you can find an overview of almost all elements, concepts and relationships of the Laban/Bartenieff Movement System (LBMS), formerly called Laban Movement Analysis (LMA). This taxonomy can be used as a reference for the entire system, keeping in mind that it reflects only one way to present it and there are other ways to look at the system. For more information about the system or about training programs, visit the LIMS website or WholeMovement.

I initially created this taxonomy during my Laban Movement Certification Program (LIMS/Agape 2011-2013) as an overview of my understanding of the system. It was thoroughly reviewed by Karen Studd, MA, RSMT, RSME, CMA, and teacher and coordinator for the LIMS Certification programs. Later it was further developed in collaboration with both Karen Studd and Laura Cox, authors of the book ‘EveryBody Is A Body’, and a compact version of this taxonomy has been included in the second edition of their great book.

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LMA | LBMS Taxonomy
LMA | LBMS Taxonomy

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Version: v3.0
Published: November 3, 2020


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